Terms of Rental

1. Acceptance: Your payment, or taking possession of the property is evidence of your acceptance of these conditions.

You may not

  1. Sublet the property.
  2. Hold over possession after your tenancy has expired
  3. Commit a material breach of these conditions
  4. Fail to pay rent as required by the agreement
  5. Obtain possession of the property by fraud or misrepresentation.

2. Special conditions: You agree to special conditions set out on the web pages for each property or in this document.

Limitatation of our Liability. We take no liability whatsoever for you, the rest of your party or your belongings to the extent permissible by law. If you see something that may be a health and safety issue you agree to contact us immediately and we will either fix it or offer you a refund for the balance of your stay if you decide not to take responsibility for avoiding the problem and decide to leave. A condition of rental is that you hold us harmless and indemnify us against any claim, liability of loss, damage or cost including attorney's fees in relation to your rental of our property.

Young Children and Others Requiring Supervision: Young mobile children or others that require supervision must be supervised by an adult who takes responsibility for their wellbeing. Our properties are not designed for wheel chairs.

Pets are allowed inside at all our properties at our discretion. Pets are allowed inside at all our properties at our discretion. Under no circumstances are they to be left inside during the absence of the owner. Cages or yards are provided outside for dogs, cats and other pets and must be used if they are left behind. (No crocs, snakes or other dangerous animals!). Whilst outside pets are not allowed off a lead at any time. We take no responsibility for Pets under any circumstances including their health or safety if using our cages, yards or kennels or on or about our property..

Smoking: Smoking inside is prohibited. If evidence of cigarette smoke is discovered in a property, the guest will be evicted without refund or recourse and a cleaning charge of $250 applied.

All booking quotations are in Australian dollars unless otherwise indicated

We reserve the right to move you and your party to a different property. If you are upgraded by us there is no additonal charge. If you are downgraded there will be a refund.

We reserve the right to enter any of our properties for any reason. For example maintenance purposes such as watering or a repair. If you would prefere us not enter at a certain time you must inform us and we will consider you request.

We reserve the right to remove you and your belongings for any reason. For example your refusal to leave at the expiration of your tenancy.

If you wish to old a function to which you invite people you must discuss this with us before booking. We may not allow it or there may be additional charges. There may also be a security bond required.

3. Bookings: May be made by telephone, email or through various web sites on the internet. The property is in high demand and we may suggest slight date changes to you to avoid stranded nights for us. Rest assured however that we will try and fit in with your requirements. Normally the minimum stay is 2 nights and during peak periods 3 or more. Cleaning fees may be charged for shorter stays at our discretion. Discounts may be offered for longer stays by negotiation. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving a reason. Weekend nights are Friday and Saturday. Bookings are not confirmed until a deposit is paid and you are notified they are confirmed.

4. Price Quotations: Quotations are shown when you book using most booking systems on the internet. Discounts are subject to demand and availability. Note that some booking systems only provide for payment of the base rate for two people. Quotations are valid 7 days only. Pets are treated as children for pricing purposes.

5. Payment: Payment conditions may vary from time to time and are detailed in relation to each property on this web site. Generally, unless otherwise agreed with the owner or letting agent, a deposit must be made to secure a booking and payment in full must be made on or before 30 days prior to arrival. If a booking is made through a third party web site there may be a balance to be paid prior on arrival for extra persons or for some other reason. You agree to a charge being made for extra cleaning, unreasonable inventory use, losses of linen or cutlery etc., damage, overstays or any other proper reason.

6. Occupancy Limits: If you exceed the occupancy level booked, you agree we may charge you or debit your credit card the additional sums due.

7. Cancellations and Changes: Cancellations must be requested by email with read receipt, by telephone or in person during business hours and are always at our discretion. In exercising our discretion we take into account the reason for the request and how close it is to the booking date. Charges we have incurred are never refundable. For our current policy see Cancellations

8. Check In is after 2:00 pm. Key pickup or other entry details are specified on the web site in relation to each property. We will try and accommodate but can never guarantee an earlier check in.

9. Check Out is before 10am. If you prefer a later check out you must call the owner and we will do our best to accommodate you with no guarantee that we can. All doors and windows must be closed and locked, heating/cooling turned off and keys returned to whom you got them from unless otherwise arranged with the owner or letting agent.

10. Lost keys – You agree that we can charge you a $50 dollar fee if keys are not returned. Should you find you have accidently taken them please contact us straight away.

11. Use: You agree to comply with state and municipal laws and ordinances. You agree not to use the property or permit it to be used for any disorderly or unlawful purpose or in any manner so as to interfere with neighbours. Any misuse described above shall result in termination of rental with no refund. Quiet hours, between 10.00 pm and 7 a.m. must be respected.

12. Cleaning: The property will be cleaned prior to your arrival. It is your responsibility to keep it clean and tidy during your stay.If the property takes our cleaner more than three hours to clean then you will be charged $ 50 per hour per person.

13. Supplies - Each home is provided with towels, one set of bed linen mad up on each bed, toilet paper, detergent, hand soap, coffee, tea rubbish bags. You are expected to make your own bed and if the linen requires washing during your stay, to wash it. There is a washing machine and drier and we provide laundry detergent.You will be charged for unreasonable use or for loss of non consumables such as linen etc.

14. Damages and Injury: You are responsible for damage to the property as a result of your occupancy. You also agree to hold the owner and letting agent harmless for any injury, loss or damage to any person occurring on the property during the term of your occupancy. You also agree that we shall not be liable for damage to your property of any type, for any reason or cause whatsoever. All damages to the property must be reported to the owners at the time of incident, for after-hours non-emergencies please report the next mourning.

15. Amenities: Fishing, swimming (seasonal) boating and cycling etc are all easily accessed. If equipment is supplied by us then you will be asked to sign an agreement absolving us of liability.

17. Parking: Park in designated areas only.

18. BBQ Grills: Some properties are equipped with gas BBQ’s. Please check each property on the web site. If your gas runs out, spares bottles are available at the owner at reasonable hours by exchange. No fires are allowed.

19. Telephones - If a phone is supplied all local calls are free.

20. Broadband – available at some properties. Please enquire.

21. Babies: Babies under defined as children under the age of two and are free.

22. Children: Children are defined as children under the age of 12 but over the age of two and are charged at adult rates.

23. Charges: You agree that we may charge your credit card with any additional charges hereunder

24. Entire Agreement: This agreement and any attached addendum constitute the entire agreement between you and the owners or letting agents and shall be binding. If any of this rental agreement is invalid, for any reason, such invalidity shall not void the remainder of the rental agreement.

25. Failure of Owner to Act: Failure of the owner or its agents to insist upon compliance with the terms of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any violation

I agree with the above conditions of rental


Prospective Tennant