Travel Guide & Itinerary planer

Places to go and things to do have been on this web site from 2006 and steadily improved. By 2013 an early version of an independent web site was being developed and scrapped. Another separate version was started for this web site in April 2015 and finished by the end of that financial year.

By 2016 we were working in earnest to create

The opening page is the earth in someones hands and when this fades out users are in the Where page where they can explore anywhere in the world using the simplified menu with a focus on Country, State or Region and then City or Town. By clicking on the top left pancake icon the full Wherewot menu appears if not already loaded. is best described as a geospatial search engine, online travel guide, communication system and travel agency. searches, assembles, and displays content provided by others, including but is not limited to images, text, logos, documents, and informational text It provides for the creation of assets and communication of travel plans between users. Wherewot excels in travel planning and communication for travelling users and works in over 100 languages.

The program is full of organised information, pictures and graphics and has excellent search reporting, and communication capability.

We use categorisation to provide more focussed searches and it depends on what is being searched in what country. Information boxes deliver summaries whereas full details, often from several sources are found by opening up landing pages. uniformly delivers information from several sources and makes complex multistage planning which links to Google navigation easy. From planning shareable assets can be created by registered users including group places, trips, events and opportunities in which the what, where and when if a place has a time dimension of travel are created on map backgrounds. Sharing is achieved using UID’s or by using a login based sharing system. Assets can also be made public so anybody can view them which is all the more useful for business owners of accommodations, events, hospitality service or attractions. Wherewot is especially good for laying out geospatially distributed places to go and things to do.

Any sort of travel should be about experiences, Wherewot does not try and take over your travel and pick your pocket or that of the people you meet. The program focusses on user needs such as billboarding, price, comparison etc. is much more than an online travel agent (OTA). It is a new generation deep, rich content travel search engine that has been under development since 2012 that will deliver the what, when, where how information required to dream, plan, share and undertake travel. provide billboarding, price comparison, ratings and revues as well as a large number of traveller services to users who will be able to travel virtually on their computer devices anywhere and have a look at everything they find. With this experience they will be able to plan virtual and/or real travel and communicate it to family and friends in almost any language at low cost Wherewot will pass enquiries and bookings on to businesses allowing them to do what they do best which is serve customers. In this way Wherewot will operate more fairly in a shared travel economy.

We hope you use the program as it is the best way we have found to enhance your travel experience. If you need and assistance please talk to us.