Your Hosts

Your hosts are John Harrison B.Sc B.Ec FCPA.

John Harrison (Manager)

John John Harrison has degrees in science and economics and is a member of many organisations. Apart from running a large accountancy/consulting practice (John Harrison Accountants) he has had experience as a geologist (exploration and minerals separation) and in engineering and has been responsible for a number of innovations including the tech tendon method of pre stressing. John is managing director and chairman of TecEco Pty. Ltd. and best known for the invention of TecEco Cements which have attracted significant global interest because of their improved sustainability and potential to provide significant sequestration. John is an authority on earth systems science and sustainable materials for the built environment and was the founder of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainable Materials in Construction (AASMIC) and is their current chair. He has been the keynote speaker at many conferences and recently co-chaired the successful SMB2007 conference. John is committed to finding ways of profitably reversing damaging materials and underlying molecular flows. In recent times he has concentrated on the research and development of Gaia Engineering including TecEco Cements and Tec-kiln technologies.

What attracted John to Derwent retreat was the potential of the gardens!




Frankie Forsyth (Manager's Manager)

Frankie is the hostess with the mostess and comes from way up north in Scotland and has had a career in all things educational. She is a wonder in every way and will soon send me some interesting stuff to put here (I hope).