Fishing on the Derwent and at Austins Ferry

The Derwent River offers good fishing all the year round and Austins Ferry is popular for hosting the annual bream fishing competitions.

There is good shore access and many boat ramps including one at Austins Ferry. Other boating facilities can be found at Here

Down river saltwater species can be found especially South of Dogshear Point (Cadbury Point) and off the jetty near our Dodges Ferry property or rocks on the headlands.

In the Austins Ferry area the main fish caught are bream, flathead and sea run trout. On rocky shores cod are found.

Bream are the most popular at Austins Ferry as they give a little sport. They are bottom feeders and suitable bait includes mussel, crab, prawns, and pretty fish. The little crabs to be found under the rocks at low tide are excellent.


We provide two or three rods and some tackle at all of our properties

For detailed information on local fish visit Here

Catch of Day

Catch of the Day


If you are planning to eat fish from the Derwent Estuary then you should be mindful of pollution as bream, flathead and shellfish contain toxic heavy metals.

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