Land for Sale

Fancy a slice of Tasmania near Hobart? Want to build a subdivision or get into the tourism business? Build a mountain bike or horse riding facility and/or an eco-future resort?

Our Granton land comprising >80 ha is for sale. There is potential for housing, a tourism venture near the top of Snake Mount and a sustainability resort and mountain bike training and horse riding establishment and track is suggested. When making roads with excess cut there is likely to be a market soon for stone during the construction of the new Bridgewater bridge.

The land is zoned rural and rural residential and boasts some of the best views in the northern suburbs, is only ten to fifteen minutes from Glenorchy, and when Gillies road connects will be even closer. It is situated along and towards the end of Granton Heights Road on the northern side of Blacksnake Lane about 1.5 Km from the Brooker Highway which comes all the way from central Hobart.

You could be buying some of the last land that will be available as larger allotments close to Glenorchy or Hobart.



Frankie Forsyth
Waterside Accommodation
12 Harbinger Lane
Austins Ferry
Tasmania 7011
Phone: +61 (0)419513255 (Frankie - please text if no answer)

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Eco Future MTB Resort Summary

John Harrison

A short form business summary about the Eco-Future Mountain Biking Resort

7 Jun 21 1.2 Mb

Google Earth Land Movie

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Watch Lots 1-4 Granton, Tasmania, Australia.mp4 about the land.

11 Feb 20 81 Mb

Google Earth Land File

John Harrison Download and run Lots 1-4, Granton.kmz. 11 Feb 20 25 Kb

Granton Subdivision Plan

John Harrison Download plans for former subdivision ex title 120864/1 11 Feb 20 25 Kb

Granton Land Presentation

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View or download a PDF on the land including project ideas.

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Granton Land Movies

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Movies taken on the Granton land zipped up ready to download and watch

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Granton Land Photos

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Pictures taken on the Granton land zipped up ready to download and have a look at

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Granton Land Brochure

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A brochure on the land for sale.

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Subdivision and Quarry Stone

The property has some excellent stone on it and we were going to quarry and sell it to the contractors who take on rebuilding the Bridgewater bridge which is close by. As we built roads we would design them with excess cut for this purpose.

Subdividing in this way would substantially increase profit. The Bridgwater bridge reconstruction project has been an election promise for some time!


Power is on the subdivision and land however you have to get it on to each block.


Telephone cables are laid in the area.


Although the Fenton pipeline runs through the subdivision at this stage the blocks are not connected to water.


Septic tanks may be required although the sewerage is not far away.

Bus Services

Bus services are available at the bottom of Blacksnake Lane which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the subdivision.


Council rates will very with the allotment size however are reasonable. Rates are currently based on rural residential.

Land Tax

As principal residences future owners would pay the minimum land tax. In the meantime land tax is based on rural residential.


Soils are from black and very fertile to red based on dolerite. Further up the hill the soils are derived from limestone.


The area is suited for hobby farms and agricultural pursuits. On the redder soils and soils based on dolerite the growing of grapes has been very successful in the area.  In the past the land has been used for grazing.


All parts of the subdivision have superb views.  As you wind up the road the views get even better and toward the top you can see all the way to the midlands or the Iron Pot.